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We love traveling to places never been before and learn the local culture. And what we found out is that what brings us together as people is great food cooked in a certain way with common ingredients. No matter our nationality, creed, religion or race we all love great food. Period. So we decided to share our life experiences by opening Stango Cuisine, home food cooked in a certain way. Come out and discover the passion of cooking with the taste of international.

10% of the sales at Stango Cuisine is donated to One Dream Foundation to help build a hospital in Zambia, Africa. For more information visit

@Stango Cuisine "we cook home food in a certain way"

  1. Amazing food
  2. Great low prices
  3. Out of the "box" experience
  4. Home of a 75oz steak challenge
  5. Great Stango coffee
  6. Happy and passionate bunch

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Contest In Our 75oz Steak Challenge


Contact for additional information: or call us +1 (844) 497-6835

We are located at:

140 Lincoln Square Mall

Urbana, Illinois 61801

TUESDAY 6 am TO 8 pm
WEDNESDAY 6 am TO 8 pm
Thursday 6 am TO 8 pm
Friday 6 am TO 8 pm
Saturday 6 am TO 8 pm
Sunday 8am - 2:30pm
Monday Closed